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Green Sky Thinking is a week long, London-wide events programme for built environment and property professionals, organised by Open-City.

Since 2011, the week programmes 50+ events that showcase sustainable design solutions for London’s current built environment challenges. Unlike conferences or tradeshows the events are informal and on-site project talks, thereby providing 'real' exemplars for the industry to learn from.

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A scheme 6 years in the making and conceived of by its architects as a blueprint for the ‘country house of the future', has been granted planning permission at appeal by the Planning Inspectorate. Judging the design for the cutting edge eco home as ‘Architecturally outstanding’, Inspector L Gibbons has granted permission in accordance with Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

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Green Register member Urbane Eco, one of Bristol’s most forward thinking building companies, have moved to larger premises on an industrial estate in St Anne’s as their range of operations expand to include the supply of sustainable building materials to the trade and self builders. Having struggled with the supply chain for many products over the years they decided to not only stock more for their own use, but to facilitate other SMEs using them too.

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One of our longstanding Green Register members, Brian Murphy, aka ‘BrianSpecMan’ has been busy working on a new website Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) -

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I’ve been working with the Green Register for over a year now and one of my roles is to explore new avenues for promotion. This includes identifying new markets for the courses, promoting The Register (and so members) to the public, expanding cross-over with builders (trades and merchants), and engaging more with local authorities.

It’s been a productive time.

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jhai Ltd is an Approved Inspector (AI), licensed every five years by the government - via the Construction Industry Council (CIC) - to carry out Building Regulations approvals (Building Control) as an alternative to Local Authorities.  The Green Register has recently approved a partnership agreement with JHAi that will promote best practice site workmanship and detailing through our training courses.

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“Technical Paper 15 - Assessing risks in insulation retrofits using hygrothermal software tools - Heat and moisture transport in internally insulated stone walls” is intended to be a significant support to building professionals and building fabric consultants engaging with the topics of:
1) Applied building physics relevant to solid wall construction;
2) Hygrothermal risk assessment;
3) Appropriate internal insulation strategies for solid walls.

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Who they are

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Zero Carbon Hub has issued a press release announcing its closure, see text below for full details.

Please note that our events on The New Low Energy Guides for Homes on 6 April and 5 May will be going ahead as planned.


Zero Carbon Hub has today announced it will cease operations on 31 March 2016.