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For over two decades, The Green Register has trained construction professionals from all disciplines in the industry to build better, more sustainable buildings. We are independent, self-supporting and not-for-profit, grateful to the support of our membership and collaborators who work with us to improve construction industry practices. Our hand-picked training team embodies the work we do – a holistic approach to the built environment with a focus upon quality and sustainability. Through our training, The Green Register supports you in reducing your building’s impact upon the environment and we aim to bring sustainable building practices to the fore across many aspects. Throughout the year, you’ll find interactive training and knowledge-sharing events that span topics such as healthy buildings, natural materials, energy-saving methodologies including Passivhaus, retrofit for older buildings and, key to optimal building performance – the management of heat, moisture and airtightness.  

If you’re looking for training for yourself or colleagues, seeking to join us as a member or looking for a collaboration on your next project – we look forward to welcoming you.