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We’re proud to be working with Building Sense on two upcoming webinars in December. First up is ‘Build Tight, Ventilate Right: Airtightness and Controlled

The push to insulate our homes due to the rising cost of energy, combined with the challenge of climate change, is rightly pointing a

Organisation background  The Green Register is an independent not-for-profit organisation delivering high quality, affordable training in sustainable construction to all industry disciplines. Through our

It is becoming increasingly clear that access to water is going to be amongst the largest problems we will face over the next 50

On 7th March, The Green Register will host a seminar session, Beyond Today: Planning to survive – what we must do now to thrive

I’m sure we’re not alone when we say it’s been a busy year for TGR. It seems that creating energy-efficient and sustainable buildings has

After several fallow years. The Green Register team were delighted to hold our annual end-of-year conference in person again this year using Triodos bank’s

As an architect with a lifelong commitment to sustainable construction, in 1995 I was fortunate enough to be able to take a sideways step

The Anti-Greenwash Charter has been launched to enable organisations from the built environment industry to make a public commitment to adopt responsible marketing practice,

Over the last week or so I have seen a lot of ‘tips and tricks’ for staying cool in the heat. Everything from shutting

Reducing the Environmental Impact in Light Fixtures – Whole Life Costing and Life Cycle Analysis of LightingThe Circular Economy, Part 1 The construction industry

In this months Twilight Talk we explore the benefits of woodfibre insulation, looking at both its acoustic and thermal performance, and carbon load. Thank