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The November installment in our early evening talks supported by Ecomerchant: together promoting ethical, healthy sustainable building materials. We are all trying to evolve

This month, we welcomed Peter Rollinson of sustainable building material specialists Mike Wye to discuss how recycled foam glass aggregate is ideal for the

On September 4th, we welcomed stonemason Pierre Bidaud of The Stonemasonry Company to discuss his project, 15 Clerkenwell Close, as our September Twilight Talk.

It is difficult to find a building product or material that doesn’t claim to be sustainable these days. Construction professionals need to be able

On Monday 12th June, we hosted the June edition of our free, monthly Twilight Talks, sponsored by Ecomerchant. Expert thermographer and trainer Mark Colyer

Earlier this week, we welcomed Adedayo Shittu-Balogun, architect and Director of Projects at Eurban, who shared her expertise on Design for Manufacture and Assembly

We welcomed to The Green Register’s April Twilight Talk Steph Willis, Data Scientist with SERO and Julia Bennett, architect and co-director at The Green

The Green Register’s March Twilight Talk – our free, one-hour forays into new developments – saw architect Josh Wood take us on his journey

Tom Woolley’s presentation, “Unblocking the barriers to the use of bio-based and healthy materials in retrofitting and new building” seemed to strike a chord

On 5th December, the final Twilight Talk event of 2022 was led by Ankita Dwivedi, founder of Firstplanit. This digital platform is designed to