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The Green Register believes that with the right information and the right connections any and every architect, contractor and other construction professional can build better buildings. It is our goal to provide the knowledge, information We’re proud to be part of a successful organisation promoting sustainable building practices. The Green Register is committed to providing the knowledge, information and community for any construction professional who wants to create a more sustainable built environment. If you’d like to get in touch with us, we can be reached at 

Lucy Pedler Staff Photo
Lucy Pedler


Charlotte Surrey Staff Photo
Charlotte Surrey


Elaine Quinn Staff Photo
Elaine Quinn
Birgit Team Photo
Birgit Nicklitzsch
Richard Williamson Staff Photo
Richard Williamson
Tess Skelly Team photo
Tess Skelly
Seb Keightley Staff Photo
Sebastian Keightley
Julia Bennett Staff Member Photo
Julia Bennett
Sarah Classick

Our training team

Lucy Pedler Staff Photo
Lucy Pedler
Cath Hassell Trainer Bio
Cath Hassell
Nick Heath Trainer Bio
Nicholas Heath
Brian Murphey Trainer Bio
Brian Murphy
Robert Borruso
Niall Crosson
Joseph Little, BArch, MSc Arch. AEES
Joe Fitzgerald
Neil Turner
Vince House
Ian Mawditt
Ilias Igoumenidis
Dave Judd
Peter King
Dr. Peter Rickaby

The Green Register is lucky to have a knowledgeable, industry-based network of trainers who are all specialists in their field. Here is a selection of our regular speakers.