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Lime: An ancient material for modern building performance

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Lime has been used in buildings for thousands of years. Its natural origins, versatility and permeability mean that it has played an integral part in many historical buildings from mortar to giant structures.

Roman concrete, whose key ingredient is lime, is said to be ‘self-healing’, with an increase in strength over time – which may in part explain the longevity of surviving ancient structures such as the Colosseum. 

In recent years, lime’s suitability for restoring historic buildings and the important part it can play in creating modern, healthy and energy-efficient buildings has led to a rise in popularity among construction professionals.  

In this training session, we invite Peter Rollinson and Tom Carruthers of Mike Wye to introduce the history, production, and benefits of building limes, addressing frequently asked questions and debunking myths surrounding the general use of building lime products. 

A demonstration will showcase the use of natural hydraulic lime (NHL) render with internal wall insulation and highlighting the advantages of using lime with natural fibre insulation to create modern, healthy, low energy buildings. 

The final part of the session will focus upon one of the ways lime can be used as an aesthetically pleasing yet functional finish -  Tadelakt. A traditional Moroccan polished plaster, Tadelakt can be used to create visually stunning, water repellent surfaces, unique to each application. This lime-based plaster technique was discovered over 2,000 years ago, initially adopted by Berber groups as waterproofing for water storage. We’ll find out more about the various uses in buildings today, from exterior walls to wetrooms.   

There’ll be plenty of opportunity for live Q&A during the session, and as always, we welcome your input.  


About the Speakers

Peter Rollinson

Peter is a Sustainable Insulation Specialist at Mike Wye Ltd, where he provides in-depth technical advice for the retrofit of historic buildings and the development of modern structures; focusing on the use of sustainable materials and natural fibre insulation to create robust, reduced carbon homes that are healthy for the environment and the occupants alike. 


Tom Carruthers

With a background in mechanical engineering and biophilic lighting design, Tom is now a senior technical advisor and Sustainable Insulation Specialist with Mike Wye, advising on the retrofit of historic buildings and the construction of low energy modern homes. 

23/11/2023 from 12:00 to 14:00
Online Training
United Kingdom
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