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Heatpumps for Homeowners

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Meet the experts and find out more about low-carbon heating at our discovery evening.


Curious about a heat pump for your home? Join us for an informal discovery evening hosted by friendly experts and find out how you can reduce the carbon emissions from your home while keeping it cosy.

About the session

Local heat pump installers will demonstrate a working air source heat pump and answer any questions you may have about how this heating system operates, what to expect during and after installation and how heat pumps may work together with other low carbon technologies, such as solar panels.

If you’re thinking about creating a more energy-efficient home to prepare for a heat pump, we’ll have retrofit experts on hand for a chat on measuring your home’s heat loss and steps that can be taken to minimise this, such as adding extra insulation or replacing windows.

Who you’ll meet


Image by Freepik.

22/11/2023 from 18:30 to 20:00
PHC Renewables
Units 1-3 Parkway Trading Estate,
Bristol, BS2 9PG
United Kingdom
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