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Twilight Talk – An Innovative Solution to Poor Quality Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals – Online

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Twilight Talks

The Green Register's early evening talks supported by Ecomerchant: together promoting ethical, healthy sustainable building materials

The Green Register has proudly launched a new series of events. On the second Monday of each month, we’ll be running Twilight Talks - a relaxed and informal string of events on sustainable building matters to complement our regular training topics. Each one-hour event will be FREE of charge and feature short talks from one or more speakers. With Q&A and discussion sessions throughout, everyone is invited to be part of the conversation. We’ll be holding Twilight talks at 5-6pm, in the sweet spot between work and dinner – so join us to nourish the mind before replenishing the body!

An Innovative Solution to Poor Quality Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals

Very often the performance of a building in use will depend on the information given to the occupants/facilities manager at completion. Poor quality O&M manuals that collect dust on a shelf are of no use to anyone and even a compliant O&M manual often lacks crucial operation information such as what to do in the case of no hot water or any emergency such as a pipe leak or defective ventilation.

How do we record and effectively communciate the information required in O&M manuals so that buildings can operate as they are designed?

How do we simplify the process of non-tech savvy residents becoming familiar with their new net zero carbon M&E equipment post-retrofit, while also reducing the number of enquiries their landlord receives if they are tenants?

The mission of our speakers Hagop Heath-Matossian and Rafael Delimata, directors of Green Register member Bow Tie Construction, is to make this process simple and effortless and will be describing their new software product, BOOMM (Build an Online Operation & Maintenance Manual).

The intention of BOOMM is to be a platform that speeds up, organises and simplifies the process of populating and delivering O&M manuals for homes.

The BOOMM mobile application will guide the user - architects, services engineers, builders and trades - through the manual-creation process inviting them to photograph specific elements, to mark-up photos with arrows and highlights and to write accompanying text. This makes it very easy for residents (homeowners or tenants) to find detailed information about specific crucial features of their properties that they require in an emergency.

Hagop and Rafael will take delegates through the thought process behind the creation of BOOMM and will show some on-screen demonstrations of the software which is currently being built.

A short video summarising BOOMM can be found here:

All attendees will be given a voucher to build a BOOMM for single property at no cost once the software build is complete in early autumn 2022.


  • 5 - 5.45pm: Presentations
  • 5.45 - 6.00pm: Q&A, Discussion, Networking


Rafael Delimata, Technical Director, Bow Tie Construction

Rafael Delimata is an extremely experienced professional who has spent many years project managing a wide range of construction contracts.

He is proud to specialise in low energy, sustainable housing, and in bringing innovation, imagination and technical excellence to clients' dream homes.

Rafael is an insulation and Passive House specialist and heads up Bow Tie Construction's R&D projects.


Hagop Heath-Matossian, Managing Director, Bow Tie Construction

As a certified Passivhaus designer with a masters in commercial real estate and a Permaculture design qualification, Hagop sees Passivhaus and Energiesprong as the future of housing and is delighted that his work alleviates fuel poverty and improves the quality of life for social housing residents.

In his spare time he is a keen snowboarder, wakeboarder, DJ & music producer.




Twilight Talks are supported by Ecomerchant.

April 11th, 2022 17:00 through 18:00
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