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Revisions to Building Regulations – a revolution in energy efficiency legislation? – Online

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New online training from The Green Register, held in partnership with Aldas

About the session

A new 3-hour online training session from The Green Register, in partnership with Aldas, highlighting the important changes to the Building Regulations coming into force in June 2022.  

These upcoming changes will revolutionise airtightness testing – no more sample testing, much wider application to existing buildings, more rigorous quality requirements.

Join airtightness expert Paul Jennings, Aldas, as he talks through the changes to Part L and the implications for airtightness testing, training requirements and the refurbishment of existing buildings.

Paul will be joined by Ian Mawditt giving an overview of the changes to Part L (Energy Efficiency), Part F (Ventilation) and Part O (Overheating.) Ian will talk in more detail about the changes to Part F (Ventilation) and finally we'll be joined by Joel Callow, Beyond Carbon, who'll discuss overheating prevention (Part O).

See here for a short video explaining the importance of these changes coming into force:

This live and interactive training session will have Q&A breaks to allow participants to ask questions of the speakers and a Q&A panel session at the end of the event - expect to see some lively debate!


15:30  Start and Introduction
15:35  Revisions to Part L: Energy efficiency in the Building Regulations. History and trajectory of development, context. Application date, key changes and enforcement - Paul Jennings, Aldas
16:00  Summary overview of the Building Regulations changes affecting Energy Efficiency. Part L (Energy Efficiency), Part F (Ventilation) and Part O (Overheating) - Ian Mawditt, Four Walls
16:25 Q&A 
16:35  Zoom poll: How do you expect the changes to the Building Regulations to affect your job or project?
16:45  Break 
17:00  Implications for airtightness testing, training requirements and the refurbishment of existing buildings - Paul Jennings, Aldas
17:25  Changes to ventilation requirements, the new Part F. Affects on new-build and particularly refurbishment - Ian Mawditt, Four Walls
17:50  Avoidance of overheating, the new Part O - Joel Callow, Beyond Carbon
18:10  Q&A panel 
18:30  Close

About the Speakers

Joel Callow, Beyond Carbon

After a brief dalliance with nuclear fusion convinced him that renewable energy was definitely our best bet, Joel began his career in low energy building design by studying for a PhD in natural daylight in buildings at the School of the Built Environment, University of Nottingham.

Since then, Joel has worked as a building physics and sustainability champion in a number of leading consulting design practices and across a wide range of construction sectors, including health, education and residential. He enjoys working in close partnership with architects and clients, creatively shaping buildings and places for best environmental performance, climate resilience and highest human health and wellbeing over the long term.

As Founder and Director at Beyond Carbon, he leads the business with thought-leadership in all aspects of building sustainability, including a focus on addressing climate change and human health through beyond net zero carbon buildings, the Passivhaus Standard and natural daylight. He is never happier than when shaping building envelopes and elevations for best natural light, or poring over a thermal bridging detail to ensure best comfort and energy performance.

Joel is passionate about enabling beautiful, person-flourishing architecture at the same time as tackling the climate and ecological emergency – the pressing issue of our time. Joel has been working on reducing his personal carbon footprint for 20 years and is an enthusiastic electric car owner.

He thinks that Building Physics is great fun and may be one of the most under-rated career choices ever.

Paul Jennings, Aldas

Paul Jennings of Aldas is the most experienced airtightness tester and consultant in the UK, with over 30 years’ experience.

Paul is an experienced trainer and originated the “Airtightness Champion” concept, as well as delivering numerous on-site trainings and many CPD seminars to architects and builders.  He developed the 12 Steps to Airtightness approach to enable UK contractors to reliably deliver airtightness in Passivhaus and other low-energy projects.

He has presented at many conferences and demonstrated test equipment at others. He has also given talks at Passivhaus conferences in Vancouver and Germany, as well as in the UK.  Paul has been involved in most UK Passivhaus projects in one or more capacities. He is also a Director of the UK Cohousing Network.


Ian Mawditt, Four Walls

Ian is a building researcher, specialising in the field of building performance in relation to occupant comfort and indoor air quality. Since 2008, He has been a senior member of the technical team supporting the governments of England and Wales in developing amendments to their respective Building Regulations. Ian is technical lead for Part F (ventilation) and technical author for Part L for dwellings in relation to airtightness, standards for thermal elements, and improving levels of compliance.

Ian is routinely involved in building research programmes, many of which are delivered for national government (BEIS and MHCLG), and for organisations such as AECOM, Energy Saving Trust, the Sustainable and Traditional Buildings Alliance, NHBC Foundation, and the former Zero Carbon Hub. In previous roles, he was appointed by Innovate UK as an expert evaluator under the £8M Building Performance Evaluation programme and provided technical guidance for the £17M Retrofit for the Future programme. Ian is co-chair of the technical working group for ventilation and indoor air quality at the UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings, and is a member of the Retrofit Standards Task Group.


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April 21st, 2022 15:30 through 18:30
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