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Heat Pumps – From Design to Installation

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We have brought together a team of three specialists to talk through the use of heat pumps in both new build and retrofit projects: Hannah Jones of Greengauge Engineers, Sebastian Bangheri of Austrian Heat pump manufacturers Heliotherm, and Ashley Stokes of MJS Energy installers.
The talk will discuss the principles of good heat pump design and installation, and how the ability to deliver high energy efficiency, performance and control starts with the heat pump’s design characteristics. What should you look for when selecting a heat pump, and how do you integrate them into the building to deliver quiet, high performance solutions through carefully considering location and hydraulic design?

The talk will cover a range of building types from individual homes through to multi-residential buildings; the products and systems available for different scales and will outline the best routes for homeowners who want to install a heat pump. It will also look at other heat pump applications such as cooling and interlinking them with photovoltaics.

About the speakers

Hannah Jones, Greengauge

Greengauge Building Physicists and Mechanical & Electrical Engineers specialise in the design of low energy new build and retrofit buildings. 

Hannah is a Director at Greengauge Building Energy Consultants, established in 2010. Greengauge are low energy specialists working on retrofit and new build and specialising in Passivhaus. Hannah leads the MEP side of the team working on new build to Grade 1 listed houses and from single to multi residential schemes. Heat pumps have become an essential part of our energy strategy and learning how best to select, design and install heat pumps a constant area of learning and development.

Sebastian Bangheri, Heliotherm

Austrian Heat pump manufacturers Heliotherm produce high performance heat pumps for a wide range of projects.

Sebastian is RnD and International Sales lead at Heliotherm heat
pumps. Sebastian has built up an in depth knowledge of heat pumps from the ground up working on the design, build and sales of Heliotherm heat pumps. He has worked on a wide range of projects from individual to multiresidential solutions – trialling innovative solutions.

Ashley Stokes, MJS Energy

MJS Energy are both installers and educate the industry on high quality installation through their Heat Geek forum initiative.

Ashley is Director at MJS energy and is a Heat Geek Elite champion. Ashley started the company 10 years ago supported by his father and brother. Ashley and his family have built an established business specialising in Renewable Energy, plumbing, electrical specifications, design and installation with over 25 employees.

MJS are experts in the installation of renewable heating, ventilation and electrical systems. They design, supply, install and commission biomass, GSHP, ASHP, Hot water, Ventilation and Electrical systems for the domestic, commercial and agricultural industry.

17/09/2024 from 11:00 to 13:00
Online Training
United Kingdom
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