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An afternoon of CPD sessions at the NSBRC: Topics by Green Building Store

We invite you to join us for an afternoon of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions with Green Building Store. The event will be held at the NSBRC in Swindon, and we have prepared a schedule that promises to enhance your professional skills and foster connections within the low energy building community. By attending these CPD sessions, you will not only enhance your professional skills but also have the chance to network with like-minded individuals who share a passion for low energy building.

Date: Friday 11th August

Time: Arrival from 12:00 PM with refreshments provided

Location: Custom Build Suite, NSBRC, Swindon

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12:30 PM – “Passivhaus and Why Comfort Matters”

Discover the core concepts of Passivhaus and delve into the significance of comfort in building design. Join us as our MD, Andy Mitchell, shares valuable insights and highlights the importance of prioritising comfort in low energy building design.

1:00 PM – MVHR: Why Good Design Matters

Explore the critical role of good design when considering a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system. Tom Heywood, our MVHR Manager will discuss the key factors that contribute to an effective MVHR system and how it can enhance comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Comfort Break

1:45 PM – Windows: Balancing Energy with Good Design for a Comfortable Home

Our Sales Manager, Mike Shufflebotham will uncover the art of balancing energy efficiency and design excellence in windows for achieving a comfortable home. Learn about the considerations and approaches to window design that optimise energy performance while ensuring the occupants’ comfort.

2:15 PM – An Introduction to Our Low Energy Design Service and Heating & Ventilation Specification

We want to empower architects and self-builders during the early stages of design. Our Low Energy Design Service, provides you with well informed and quantitied decisions regarding the building fabric specification. Additionally, we’ll explore the importance of a Heating and Ventilation Specification to enable the appropriate specification of air source heat pumps and room heat emitters.

2:45 PM – Questions

Take this opportunity to engage with our experts and ask any further questions.