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Lifecycle Analysis of Building Materials – Online

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Just announced - two new additional speakers for this session...

From Embodied Energy to Reducing Construction Waste – an overview of using low impact building materials

We are delighted to announce two additional speakers for this session: Chris Halligan, senior chartered architectural technologist at Race Cottam architects in Sheffield carried out an in-depth study of the options for the technical resolution for Suscon, a sustainable construction training and research centre, designed as an exemplar facility to demonstrate sustainable building materials, technologies and techniques.

As part of this, Chris analysed the environmental impact and commercial viability of each of three materials for the spine wall: rammed earth, stone and concrete for possible use in a structural spine wall. The outcome of the research came as something of a surprise and eventually was incorporated into the Guide to Building Materials and the Environment which won the RIBA Presidents Award for Outstanding Research and is currently undergoing a third revision as a joint project between Race Cottam Associates and Stephen George & Partners.

Chris’ colleague, Architect Lilly Ingleby will also be providing a summary of Race Cottam’s investigations into the use of Life Cycle Analysis software as a design tool and the envisaged use of these within the industry.

What will be covered during this session?

This 2 hour session will:

  • Take delegates through the life cycle journey of some building materials (both conventional and low environmental impact)
  • Discuss the definition of embodied carbon
  • Review some existing LCA tools available
  • Explore how we can reduce waste on site
  • Samples of some alternative building materials will be presented and there will be an opportunity to discuss their merits and possible limitations.

Who is this session for?

This session is open to all regions and construction disciplines, including architects and builders.

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About the Trainers

This session will be led by Lucy Pedler, Director of The Green Register with guest speakers Chris Halligan and Lilly Ingleby of Race Cottam architects.

Lucy Pedler, BA Arch, Dip Arch, ARB
Lucy is an architect with 34 years of professional experience in the UK and USA and has particular expertise in sustainable building practices. Lucy created The Green Register in 2000, now a nationwide networking and educational not-for-profit organisation promoting sustainable building practices to all disciplines of the construction industry.

In 1999, Lucy started her own sustainable architecture practice, archipeleco, designing buildings that have a low impact on the environment. In 2005, Paul McWilliams joined archipeleco to then create develeco limited, a company exclusively self-funded to offer refurbishments of existing buildings - usually in very poor condition - and transform the properties into sustainable, beautiful buildings fit for 21st century living.

Lucy is an Earth Champion, on the panel of the Bristol Urban Design Forum and a keen cyclist.

May 4th, 2022 08:30 through 10:30
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