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North West England
Energy Consultants
Passivhaus Consultant


Certified Passivhaus Consultant specialising in retrofit master planning. Main areas of work are: 1. The master planning for retrofit projects. This involves detailed baseline energy analysis using Passive House methodology (PHPP) and thermal bridge modelling, followed by an action plan of improvements that enables individual homeowners to plan towards specific space heating demand targets. The plan is not only about the energy analysis that we do ourselves, but also involves coordinating with other specialists as needed in order to progress the planning (e.g. for MVHR design, hot water / heating / renewables design, structural analysis, window & door schedules, and moisture modelling). 2. Training of contractors and architects in Passivhaus and low-energy building techniques for retrofit and new build. This takes place both in person and online as part of Coaction, a group of trainers running the Passivhaus Tradesperson and Passivhaus Designer courses. We also do one-on-one retrofit training and mentoring, as well as on-site training on request.