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Building Biology Series: 2. Building Biology – Compliant Material Specification – Brighton

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Join us for the second of four half-day technical sessions on Building Biology: the science of creating healthy, life enhancing buildings. Held in conjunction with the Low Carbon Trust.

We are delighted to be offering the UK’s first ever half-day series of training on Building Biology and so support members and other practitioners to deliver healthy living environments.

Building Biology is the holistic study of the interrelationships between humans and their man-made environment.  It is the science of creating healthy, life enhancing buildings. The Institute of Building Biology and Sustainability founded in Germany in 1983 developed the Building Biology Standard (SBM).

The most recent standard (SBM-2015) gives an overview of the physical, chemical and biological, risks encountered in different parts of a building.  It offers guidelines on how to: perform specific measurements for other environmental factors such as indoor air quality; measure and evaluate electromagnetic radiation exposure and assess possible health risks.

The Green Register’s new half-day Building Biology Series offers a unique opportunity to learn about Building Biology to a level lower than that delivered by the longer, highly regarded and internationally recognised IBN Building Biology Consultant Course run in the UK by the Building Biology Association.

Our course is presented by Tomas Gaertner one of the experts in the field. Tomas is an architect, certified Building Biologist IBN and founding Director of the Building Biology Association, tthe UK Partner of the German Institute for Building Biology IBN. He is also a director of SE3Design a design led RIBA chartered practice specialising in human-centred, ecological and sustainable design.

The Building Biology movement is growing with over 6000 architects, doctors, surveyors, material suppliers etc trained internationally to create interiors which promote life within the built environment. We believe this course will be a fantastic way to gain an in depth understanding of all aspects of healthy building design.

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Event Two: Building Biology - Compliant Material Specification

Materials and especially finishes have a significant impact on the indoor environment. Often these are only assessed for VOC (volatile organic compounds), their carbon impact or recycled content. Manufacturers often do not provide full content declaration allowing designers to assess the potential health impacts.

Materials have a far more important role in achieving a healthy environment. They can help regulate internal humidity, reduce spillage of dust and particles and reduce the risk of bacteria and mould etc.

This seminar will give an overview of the principles behind building biology compliant construction materials, how materials are assessed under this standard, common issues and challenges when sourcing materials and where reliable sources of information can be found.  It will also focus on specification of internal finishes.

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The course is also being held in London on 15th and 29th November 2018.

On average we spend about 90% of our time indoors and 30% of our time in bedrooms. With these exposure times even low concentrations of potentially harmful substances can affect our health in the long term and cause chronic diseases. More vulnerable inhabitants like children and elderly persons are particularly exposed to this risk.

TGR / ASBP Members: All four sessions: £225 / Per session £65

Non-Members: All four sessions: £350 / Per session £99

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14/03/2019 from 14:00 to 17:00
Earthship Brighton
Stanmer Park
Lewes Road, Stanmer
Brighton, BN1 9PZ
United Kingdom
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TGR / ASBP Members - All sessions £225.00
Non-members - All sessions £350.00
TGR / ASBP Members - Session 2 only £65.00
Non-members - Session 2 only £99.00
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