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Breakfast talk on the new WELL Building Standard® for Healthy Buildings – Manchester

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Join Cundall and the Green Register in this interactive talk and tour on health and wellbeing in the built environment.

Providing environments which promote and enhance occupant health and wellbeing is key to a successful development. Research indicates that in healthy offices, productivity increases, absenteeism reduces and concentration improves. This can help to attract and retain the best talent

A panel of experts will talk about their experiences incorporating health and wellbeing into the built environment by putting employees at the heart of the designs.

Alan Fogarty, Sustainability Partner at Cundall, will talk about the importance and benefits of designing buildings with health and wellbeing in mind with a focus on the end-user experience. He will describe Cundall’s experience of delivering the first project in Europe to achieve WELL Certification through the WELL Building Standard® for their new London office at One Carter Lane followed by a talk on the Manchester office's WELL features.

Rob Turner, Principal Acoustics Consultant will then describe the measures needed to achieve WELL Building Standard® acoustic features and follow by a presentation from Andrew Bissell, Director of Light4, on lighting and people.

Other topics to be included are:

  • Healthy materials
  • Improving indoor air and water quality
  • Monitoring environmental performance
  • The importance of biophilic design
  • Designing for human comfort
  • Acoustic soundscapes and design
  • Circadian lighting systems and lighting for people


07.30  Registration, networking, and refreshments

08.00  Presentations & Q&A

09.15  Networking

09.30  Close

This event is held in partnership with:

April 25th, 2017 07:30 through 09:30
10th Floor, Manchester One
Portland Street
Manchester, M1 3AH
United Kingdom
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