In-House CPD

Since 2000 The Green Register has been providing professionals from all sectors of the construction industry with in-house CPD training to address the key issues of sustainable construction.

What you won’t get: a free lunch and a sales pitch.
What you will get: high-quality, affordable, unbiased training from independent experts.

Contact us today to discuss your CPD requirements on 0117 377 3490 or email

Green Register Training Topics

  1. Residential Eco-refurbishment
  2. Exemplar Case Studies - residential and commercial
  3. Low Carbon Technologies
  4. Building Regulations revisions - Part L and F
  5. Breathing Construction
  6. Specifying Sustainable Materials
  7. The External Envelope
  8. Design for Deconstruction, Reclaim and Reuse
  9. Designing Out Waste
  10. Commercial Eco-refurbishment
  11. Healthy Interiors
  12. Sustainable Timber Specification
  13. Sustainable Water in the UK
  14. Solar Thermal Systems
  15. Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling
  16. Life Cycle Analysis
  17. Greening Your Office
  18. Green Building Encylopedia & National Green Specification
  19. Lightweight versus Heavyweight Construction
  20. BREEAM 2010
  21. Green Roofs
  22. Build Tight, Ventilate Right
  23. Sustainable Drainage Systems
  24. Build Light, Insulate Right, Solar Tight: Overheating Solutions
  25. Home Quality Mark 

We can offer many more CPD topics including bespoke training sessions – please email for details

Choose a Format

Lunchtime Sessions – one hour

Twilight Sessions – cover subjects in more depth and take place after the work day ends

Half & Full Day Sessions – in-depth sessions that bring together several perspectives on a subject

Sessions are held at your office for your convenience.


“We would like to thank you for two of the most thought provoking and practical seminar days from a professional practice viewpoint that we can remember. It really was refreshing to hear views in impartial terms that were directly applied to realistic scenarios and current debates, including cost effectiveness which sadly the motivation for most people’s adoption or rejection of sustainable concepts. We look forward to attending future events.”

Peter Wood, Director, Angus Meek Architects

“The Green Register serves a vital purpose in alerting us all in the construction industry to the urgency of addressing climate change through practical example.”

George Ferguson, CBE, PPRIBA

“The Green Register provides an essential service to the construction industry with its dedicated approach to the promotion of sustainable construction practices across the UK. RIBA South West recommends the activities provided by TGR for large or small projects.”

Jon Watkins, Head of RIBA South West


(discounts for Green Register members in brackets)

1 hour Lunchtime Session
£250-£400 (£225-£375)

2.5 hour Session
£650 (£600)

Half Day Session
£875 (£800)

Full Day Session
£1,700-£2,300 (£1,400-£2,000)

Please note, prices are per session and not per delegate. Travel costs are not included in the above rates. These prices are a guide only and will depend upon the topic and number of speakers required.

TGR training offers your company these benefits:

  • Expertise from trainers with over two decades of experience in the field
  • Practical knowledge and understanding of the latest sustainable construction concepts and techniques
  • Ensuring your business is ahead of the game and standing out from your competitors
  • A comprehensive understanding of government legislation on sustainability

Contact us today to discuss your CPD requirements on 0117 377 3490 or email

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