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Twilight Talk: Firstplanit Sustainable Design and Specification Tool

On 5th December, the final Twilight Talk event of 2022 was led by Ankita Dwivedi, founder of Firstplanit. This digital platform is designed to make complex green building decisions simple, clear, and quick, to help businesses meet Carbon, ESG, health and performance targets at the same time. 

Having started life at University College London, the tool synthesised extensive knowledge from the development team, gathering expertise from fields including sustainable architecture, construction, material science, environmental modelling, data analytics, behavioural science, historic conservation, energy engineering, digital technology and commercial strategy. 

The resultant product, Firstplanit, helps designers and specifiers to assess environmental risks – the impact of air quality, flooding, overheating, noise upon the building and occupants. And it helps users to find sustainable products for their projects that are independently analysed in terms of health, social, environmental and cost impacts.  

If you’d like to view a recording of the First Planit Sustainable Design & Specification Tool session, you can watch it for FREE here.

You can get in touch with Ankita Dwivedi by email and you can try out the Firstplanit tool on their website.

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