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van Heyningen & Haward Architects | Architect

People are at the heart of everything we do; from the way we operate as a practice to the way in which we design buildings and places.

We are owned and managed by three Partners, James McCosh, Meryl Townley and Chris Wilderspin, all of whom have worked for the practice for more than half their career. They share responsibilities, and architects work for all three. Every project is led by one or more of the Partners, and the same team will see a project through from the early stages right through to the end.

The way in which we design buildings is more a reflection of the way in which we work with people, rather than an adherence to a particular ‘style’. Our key priorities are people, places and purpose.
We are convinced that good architecture can change lives for the better, but only if we have understood from the outset how a building will be used.

We take a holistic approach to design; we believe the development of any site is as much about the spaces between the buildings, as the buildings themselves.

We also concentrate on the acoustic qualities of spaces, not just where acoustic separation is important as in a school or performing venue. In our view acoustic design is as important as the distribution of light and the circulation of air, in creating the most physically and psychologically delightful environment.

We provide normal architectural services (RIBA Plan of Work stages 0-7) within a wide range of sectors. All of the services we offer are covered by our quality management system and we endeavour to tailor our service to suit the needs of particular clients. These include:

Contract administrator
Lead Consultant
Lead Designer

Our work ranges in size from £1M to £70m in various sectors, and for public and private bodies. Our client base is diverse and all our projects benefit from cross-fertilisation of ideas across all sectors.

These include:
- Education
- Culture and Heritage
- Community and Health
- Retail
- Regeneration
- Commercial & Mixed use

1A Harmood Street, London, United Kingdom, NW1 8DN

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