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Enhabit, formerly greentomatoenergy, has been providing low energy design consultancy and building services across London and the southeast since 2010. The company was established to promote environmentally-conscious building design in the UK and has now helped hundreds of home owners, architects and businesses produce genuinely energy-efficient and comfortable buildings.

The company designed and delivered the first two Passivhaus retrofits in the UK (one of which won the CIBSE Award for energy efficiency in buildings) and the first Enerphit retrofit in London. Our Energy Design Brief performed by Enhabit Consult is normally the first step in unlocking a property’s energy-saving and comfort potential, providing you with all the technical and financial information one needs to incorporate low energy design into any residential or commercial project through energy modelling and our own expertise in low energy, high comfort design and delivery.

Enhabit Build can take your project through from conception all the way through to completion as we now provide full design (incl. MEV, passivhaus etc.) and build services, which use all tools required to deliver high comfort, low energy buildings (e.g. THERM, SAP, PHPP, TAS, IES etc.) Our project management services will make sure your low energy project is delivered on time and on budget.

Enhabit Shop is an MCS accredited supplier and installer of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems and also supplies best in class products required for low energy building, which includes airtightness materials, specialist insulation products and MVHR systems.

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