Low Carbon Technologies

By Guest Blogger Robert Borruso

The session started off with an in-depth look at global energy supply as it currently stands - which for many was an eye opener. Seeing the numbers there on the screen in glorious Powerpoint really brought the 'business as usual is not an option' message home. We moved on to have a look at some of the current technological solutions available to the specifier. It then became apparent that the hype surrounding a technology is rarely a good pointer to how well it really works, which simply confirmed some attendees suspicions.

We then looked forward to a time when some technologies move into the mainstream and large grants for eco-accessories necessarily become scarcer. My wall of numbers helps here - showing how the best technologies can stack against conventional alternatives.

The day then wrapped up with some role play which showed that there is no one solution to delivering low carbon buildings but rather a selection of complementary and often unexciting technologies should be employed. Suffice it to say it was at this time the sound of penny's dropping could be heard around the room.

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