Welcomed Turnout for Builders on SBS Course

The Green Register ran our regular two day Sustainable Building and Services introductory course in Exeter last week. Usually more than half of the attendees on these courses are architects but this time nearly half were builders. We were really delighted with this - each time we run these courses we get a different mix of people, all contributing their own experiences, frustrations and ideas for the future. This time the builders brought a fresh perspective to the two days, their contributions rooted in the practicalities of achieving well insulated, airtight, low impact buildings.

It's an unfortunate side effect of the downturn that builders have more time to attend training courses or perhaps more optimistically, builders can see how much they can benefit by learning about sustainable building techniques and get themselves ahead of their competitors in this tough economic climate.

We’ll be following up with the builders who attended our Exeter course in order to build (no pun intended) on this so that we see more builders on our courses and therefore more environmentally sound buildings being built. With the papers reporting this week that there is a growing demand for 'eco-homes' in the UK, hopefully we can help builders meet the needs and expectations of this expanding market.

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