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The Green Register website will be undergoing essential maintenance on Monday 30th May '22.  The website may be offline intermittently, with access to The Register and event bookings unavailable at certain times.  Should you wish to make a booking but the site is unavailable, please check back later in the day or from Tuesday 31st. 

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Despite the numerous benefits of wood fibre insulation - low embodied energy, very good acoustic and thermal properties and excellent management of moisture movement - it still accounts for less than 1% of the UK insulation market.

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There is often a perception that compromises have to be made when using natural building materials such as increased costs and construction time but this is not necessarily the case and there are many benefits to avoiding using damaging conventional materials.

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The Green Register is delighted to offer 30 fully funded retrofit training places for construction professionals based in Somerset and 50 places for those in the WECA region of Bristol, B&NES and South Gloucestershire. Learners meeting the eligibility criteria will benefit from training with The Green Register’s online Futureproof Essentials training course, which provides cornerstone knowledge on the key aspects of sustainable construction and retrofit.  

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When you think Valentine's Day your first thought isn't usually 'clay blocks,' however this Valentine's Day a huge range of construction professionals attended our 14th February Twilight Talk to learn about and debate the use of this often overlooked way of building.

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There’s an image of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) taking place on clinical production lines in distant factories, but offsite construction is a growing industry that can flourish in smaller settings too.

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The Green Register’s jam-packed 2021 event programme was wrapped up with our final Twilight Talk event of the year, where we welcomed David Clare of Habitat for Humanity Great Britain to outline the organisation’s drive to turn empty spaces into affordable homes for vulnerable groups.

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EPISODE 3: Waterproof breathable fabrics in low carbon EnerPHits at scale | December 9 at 2pm GMT

The third episode of the Building Performance Interactive, "Waterproof breathable fabrics in Low Carbon EnerPHits at scale", will focus on deep retrofit, carried out in a rigorous way to help achieve the EnerPHit target in humid climates such as the UK. This innovative approach to deep retrofit has been designed to be replicable, and carbon conscious, reducing the operational energy demand while minimising the embodied carbon impact.

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As part of COP26, The Green Register was excited to contribute to an important event hosted in Glasgow by Habitat for Humanity GB: Towards Net Zero Cities Through Green Retrofit/Renovation of Empty Spaces

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Join us for our end of year event focusing on off-site manufacture and modern methods of construction. This is our Hot Topic 2021 event and to celebrate you can get 20% the fee if you book before November 25th - we'd love to see you there! 

Our speakers for this event are: