What happened at this week's SOLD OUT SWI site visit?

Submitted by Dan on Wed, 08/02/2017 - 15:28

Yesterday twelve visitors attended a site visit organised by The Green Register to a typical 1930s house undergoing an extensive retrofit in Bristol. 

It was the first of two Solid wall Insulation (SWI) focused events we are running over a fortnight and demand for both was significant with both sold out within days of going "online".The house is being refurbished jointly by the owner and Bristol contractors Urbane-Eco, whose MD Nick Lloyd sits on the Green Register's Steering Group.
The visitors had come to see “retrofit in action” and particularly the installation of wood fibreboard systems for both internal and external wall insulation. They were a mix of construction professionals as well as people from local authorities and the odd student. The Green Register has long supported the use of natural materials, such as the Pavadentro products being used, on the basis that they perform well both thermally and in terms of managing moisture. In addition, they are sustainable and when understood by occupiers, can really contribute to their well-being too by facilitating a healthier environment to live in.  
Unfortunately, despite all the positives, use of such materials is still far from mainstream but on last night's evidence, and regardless of all the obstacles placed in the way of those promoting and practicing green refurbishment, a clear hunger exists within the industry to find out more. 
At the site visit, (I as the owner) was able to give my rationale behind choosing the systems, whilst Nick (above in green polo shirt) gave a technical overview based on years of building and refurbishing homes as sustainable as clients’ budgets allow. Whilst the two of us obviously were able to share a lot of value with the visitors, the feedback given suggests the real icing on the cake was the involvement of one of the Urbane team Tom, who has a lot of experience of working with and applying the breathable renders.
Two comments made at the end really stood out and leave me wondering how we can convince Dept for BEIS and associates that real life training in sustainable construction is something they should be actively supporting AS IT HAS REAL IMPACT AND IS VITAL. See here for the approach the Centre for Sustainable Energy are advocating
I’ll sign off with them both, it's good to know people like what we do and i hope to see you or people you know signing up to an event of ours in the future!

"Great! Seeing theory in practice in “three dimensions” and by the people doing it. Educational! Thanks so much"

"Seeing the green insulation products in the flesh and being able to ask installers questions directly was fantastic!".

Dan Weisselberg - August 2017