WANTED - Leaders in Sustainable Building

Submitted by Dan on Wed, 05/03/2017 - 14:09

Brenda from our fine city of Bristol captured the hearts of the nation when she complained "not another one" about the fact that we are having another election and there are different reasons why so many of us are frustrated by Theresa May's recent decision.

Although the current odds suggest post election departmental changes will not be as extreme as on previous occasions, the purdah and campaigning now underway still puts a lot of much needed activity on ice and so progress towards a national housing strategy that addresses both quality and sustainability will presumably barely trudge along for another few months.

As is increasingly the case, we, as concerned construction professionals, are finding ourselves looking to local authorities to individually or maybe collectively, pick up the baton and both provide homes and drive change. Whether they want to lead or not, some of this can be very positive (see blog in March) but it might not be the most efficient way of driving change. 

Possibly frustrated by national government, in January of this year, the UKGBC published a thought provoking paper looking very closely at the role of local authorities in stimulating change "to raise sustainability standards in new build homes". 

We are delighted to running and actively participating in a panel discussion event looking closely at the paper.  We know a number of you have a real interest in this sector and therefore hope you can come and join us on 8th June, in London N1.

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