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The Green Register turns 20!

Submitted by Tess S on Sat, 09/19/2020 – 09:25

The Green Register turns 20

On October 16th, the Green Register will celebrate our 20th anniversary! None of the work we’ve done throughout the past 20 years would have been possible without the support of our dedicated Green Register members, delegates, trainers and partner organisations. If you’re reading this thinking “that’s me” then you are right to be proud and we offer you a huge THANK YOU!

To celebrate, we’ll be posting content every day on our social media channels to show how our training has impacted architects, contractors, builders and homeowners across the country. This will be in the form of either a written testimonial, a case study, or a short video, so make sure you check in every day to our Twitter page, our Instagram page, or our LinkedIn page! 

We’re truly sorry we can’t invite you all to a real-life party to celebrate, but we are already planning a F2F event next year at PTE architects in London where we can celebrate turning 21 in 2021. We will send out details once we know we are allowed to gather together again – can’t wait to crack open the bubbly and see you in person!

With thanks again for the last 20 years

Lucy, Elaine, Charlotte, Tess, Birgit and Malcolm

The Green Register Team