Radio 4 show presents timely and provocative reminder on UK insulation challenge

Submitted by Dan on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 11:50

Insulation for the Nation was not a new Musical Youth (would they still go by that name?) song, but an excellent thirty minute look at the real issues the UK faces to reduce the CO2 emissions from its homes broadcast on Radio 4’s Costing the Earth series this week.

For a number of us the challenges are familiar: stop-start government schemes; lack of a skilled workforce; overcoming preferences towards fancy kitchens etc. However, what this programme did so neatly was to start off contextualising the issue in a real life setting (the producer’s home along with inter-partner curtain disputes) and then pertinently finish on a Brexit-economy theme. Quite provocative and timely really!

Capturing the essence of the retrofit debate is not easy but this show did it with help from a number of experts known very well to us at The Green Register including our own Lucy Pedler, the excellent Simon Roberts OBE and CEO of CSE  and architect Peter Rickaby among others.

If you didn't hear it, we think it's well worth a listen and forwarding the link to your MP.