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Policy and design for resilience: The Green Register’s free seminar at Futurebuild

On 7th March, The Green Register will host a seminar session, Beyond Today: Planning to survive – what we must do now to thrive in the future, at Futurebuild in London where we’ll be addressing what we need to do now to plan for resilience. Our panel of experts will be discussing the policy, design and technological changes we urgently need to make to manage our resources and their associated carbon emissions, while taking an honest look at the sustainability of our supply chains.

The Green Register will welcome to the stage our own Julia Bennett, co-director at TGR and an architect specialising in sustainability, who will be highlighting impactful building design for resilience.

Cleantrade Research and Policy Director Alex Watson will explain how the UK imports carbon emissions through goods and services produced within the global supply chain and why a policy change to promote higher climate standards on imports will allow low-carbon industries to flourish.

TGR trainer and Sustainable Water Expert at ech2o, Cath Hassell looks ahead to the impact of a changing climate on our most precious resource – water. She’ll be discussing resilience measures to ensure fairer water distribution and strategies for sustainably saving, reusing and processing water.

Photo credit – Lama Ahmed

You’ll also witness emerging technology developed by Istvan Herczeg and Hagi Sivathasan from UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture; the duo will introduce their incredible nomadic water filtration system, ‘Aqua Divina’, which gives us another reason to make walking our healthier and sustainable mode of transport!

To get you thinking about some of the sustainability issues around water supply and processing, we’ve included some of Cath’s engaging articles on water here, here, here, and here.

You can also read The Green Register’s article on water here.

Please do join our seminar session, which takes place at 16.30 on 7th March at Futurebuild, ExCel, London and come and say ‘hello’ at The Green Register’s stand E47 at the show. There’s a special prize for members and those who join as members at the show, while stocks last!