NEW ‘HOT TOPIC’ CONFERENCE: What will retrofit look like in 2020?

Submitted by Tess S on Mon, 10/21/2019 - 11:42


Missed out on our sold-out Building With Timber event last week? Not to worry, our new conference will be right up your street…. Or newly retrofitted street….

The Green Register's annual Hot Topic conference returns for 2019 featuring a day of talks and case studies celebrating retrofit and asking what the future holds when looking at upgrading our existing building stock. The construction industry is in a key position to provide solutions to meet the Climate Emergency targets. We already know the measures we need to take to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings; we just need to act swiftly, effectively and NOW.

This conference brings together all the key players of the construction industry to give their perspective on both the challenges and solutions to making rapid progress when upgrading our existing building stock- most of which would not meet even the modest building standards the UK has in place today.

Founder of the Green Register, Lucy Pedler, shares her excitement for the day: “With the Future Homes Standard for new build homes out for consultation, there is even more imperative to direct our energy towards improving our existing building stock. We’re also going to have an element of fun with our 'Fix My Den’ session where delegates have to ‘pitch’ retrofit solutions to our expert panellists. In the spirit of positivity, there will be no harsh criticism but awards for the best team approach!”

Additionally in the day, the Centre for Sustainable Energy, The Green Register and Greenheart Sustainable Construction Ltd will make a presentation on their progress with the Futureproof initiative, which is making leaps and bounds in training up a core group of builders in the West of England on key aspects of sustainable building practices in retrofit, and then matching those builders with interested householders. Delegates will then enjoy presentations from key organisations who can or already are influencing the quality of retrofit projects - please see programme for details.

The conference concludes with several jointly presented case studies (the client, the builder and the architect) illustrating both what can be achieved with a collaborative team approach and what compromises had to be made. Join us for some healthy debate on the topic, great networking and festive food and drink!

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