More Green Register courses awarded RIBA Advanced CPD status

Submitted by Sally on Fri, 01/17/2014 - 00:00

We're delighted that several more of our training courses have been awarded Advanced CPD status by the RIBA.

Advanced CPD refers to specialisms or demonstrable expertise which an architect could use to market to clients or employers, as career development, or to be on a specialist list. For more information about RIBA Advanced CPD status visit the RIBA website.

Attending three days of training from the selected courses below will carry RIBA Advanced CPD status:

  • Sustainable Building & Services Masterclasses 1-day course
  • Sustainable Building & Services 2-day course
  • 2-day course Masterclass for New Dwellings: Compliance, Sustainability and Part L
  • 1-day course Masterclass for Existing Dwellings: Compliance, Sustainability and Part L
  • 1-day course It's all in the Detail - best practice detailing for eco-refurbishments (new dates TBC)
  • Eco-refurbishment and the Green Deal (new dates TBC)

The three days of training have also been assigned the following topics from the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum:

  • Compliance – legal, regulatory and statutory framework and processes
  • Designing and building it – structural design, construction, technology and engineering
  • Climate – sustainable architecture
  • Context - the historic environment and its setting