Message from Dan: promoting TGR members, trade events and Stephen Fry!

Submitted by birgit on Thu, 04/14/2016 - 10:51

I’ve been working with the Green Register for over a year now and one of my roles is to explore new avenues for promotion. This includes identifying new markets for the courses, promoting The Register (and so members) to the public, expanding cross-over with builders (trades and merchants), and engaging more with local authorities.

It’s been a productive time.

Trade events are an obvious place to do some of this work and last month’s Ecobuild in London (below) it was good to meet up with numerous partners, see innovative training resources and even hear Stephen Fry. As well as getting updates and building relationships, getting out is a great way of getting feedback, which is fortunately generally extremely positive, and also showing the public what we are doing and hearing what others want from us.

More of all of this will be done over the coming months at:

More ideas are in development including joint courses with ECOMerchant in Swindon, aimed more at the public and trades, and working more closely with University of West of England who have around 1400 Built Environment students!

Hopefully I will see some of you on my travels and this work will continue to support our members as well as promoting the Green Register.