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M Reynolds RIBA Case Study

Submitted by Tess S on Fri, 09/18/2020 – 09:27

“The Green Register has been a source of information, support and inspiration for our practice since I took Lucy Pedler’s 2-day Sustainable Building and Services course and joined TGR in 2010. Over the years I have attended numerous innovative site visits, researched the materials and contacts made, and attended informative seminars, most recently on PAS 2030. All this has been fundamental to the development of our practice specialty in low-carbon design, as well as the expansion of interest in eco-retrofit in Cambridgeshire, and now nationally through webinars.” – Margaret Reynolds

A Victorian terrace has been recently extended and retrofitted to create a renewable-powered low energy home which will remain cool in summer. Our renovation had two main priorities: adding a third bedroom and eliminating gas usage. Extensive time and research were required to achieve these goals. Getting planning permission in a conservation area for the loft bedroom needed significant dialogue with the local planning team. We also talked to multiple different heat pump installers prior to the work.

Features of our retrofitted home include:

· Internal and external insulation, to front and back respectively,

· improved air tightness (with pre and post testing)

· Passiv Haus standard windows (sash and roof lights) and external doors

· air source heat pump (NIBE)

· mechanical ventilation (Aereco demand controlled, not heat recovery)

· ceiling fans, external blinds, patio pergola

· new attic bedroom with increased headroom in conservation zone

· sprinkler system and retrofitted doors to make fire doors (requirement for building regulations)

The project was designed by Margaret Reynolds, architect, and carried out by Greenhat Construction with heat pump installation by Ecoinstaller.

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