Koru Architects Hiring Extra Staff To Keep Up With Demand

Submitted by birgit on Thu, 05/11/2017 - 11:44

Green Register members Koru Architects, a Hove-based architects practice specialising in contemporary sustainable design, has hired an extra assistant to their small but expanding team due to increased demand for their services.

Aylin Metin joined the team this month as an architectural assistant to work on sketches, drawings and 3D modelling for Koru’s projects. She will also be working on PassivPod, the zero-carbon multi-use modular building being developed by Koru. (See passivpod.co.uk). Aylin will be combining her role with studying her Masters in Architecture at the University of Kent.

Aylin says: “What I particularly like about Koru is the aim to design life enhancing, genuinely sustainable architecture. I am truly inspired by this approach and I hope this role will give me an insight into how to integrate sustainability into design”.

Koru Architects have had a stint of sustainable growth over the last year. Director Mark Pellant began 2016 with just one architectural assistant, Christina. That Spring he hired Tegan as a marketer and Issi as an architect. This expansion helped to bring in more business and Koru soon needed a new pair of hands - hence the hire of Aylin.

Mark says "In a conscious effort to increase the size and diversity of projects, I took the step to increase my workforce which has led to more work and a need for more staff. I’m happy to say that the business is growing steadily and sustainably and I look forward to an exciting year ahead with my dynamic team working on a diverse range of projects and an increased focus on sustainable and biophilic design, delivering healthy, energy efficient buildings for our clients”.

The mission of Koru Architects is to design beautiful, comfortable and sustainable buildings and help advance the zero-carbon building movement.