Improving Homes - Masterclass in Solid Wall Insulation

Submitted by Dan on Wed, 05/17/2017 - 13:23

Interestingly, in this week of publishing manifestos, the Conservative Party’s website new post on Monday was on Fixing the Broken Housing Market. With an emboldened pledge that they will do this, the favourites to win June 8th’s election, unsurprisingly end the piece using a construction metaphor - that prime minister is determined to build a better Britain.

We hope the promise to Build New is not used to distract the public that the UK urgently needs to Refurbish Old too, but tackling this has of course proved an onerous task for recent governments. One reason, is that it is not simple and that it is increasingly obvious that the insulation of solid wall homes cannot be left to the market fearful of risk and lacking investment.

So when Theresa May is promising us “strong and stable leadership in the national interest” we hope that will include stimulation for improving our country’s homes.

If your professional work includes the refurbishment of existing buildings, and you rightly want to feel more confident about the risks involved, you will be pleased to know about our new Masterclass in Solid Wall Insulation in London in June. Particularly as those who are concerned about these things may just have to continue showing the way to May.

A Masterclass in Avoiding Risks: The Theory and Practice of Solid Wall Insulation - London