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Hot Topic 2021: Off-site Construction Methods – what is their contribution to addressing the climate crisis?

Submitted by Tess S on Thu, 11/11/2021 – 14:23

Join us for our end of year event focusing on off-site manufacture and modern methods of construction. This is our Hot Topic 2021 event and to celebrate you can get 20% the fee if you book before November 25th – we’d love to see you there! 

Our speakers for this event are:

  • Ian Hutchcroft, Director of Energiesprong UK. Ian will explain how Energiesprong’s unique approach to high performance retrofit is both effective and affordable. Energiesprong – originating in the Netherlands – is a process of fitting prefabricated shells of highly insulated panels to the floor/walls/roof of an existing building to increase its thermal efficiency. 
  • Jasper Meade, Director of PYC group, will explain how PYC’s fabric first approach means concentrating on the energy performance of the building envelope by using high performing materials throughout the construction process.
  • Jackson Moulding, Director of SNUG Homes, will talk about their approach to creating carbon positive homes that benefit people and the planet. SNUG homes is a community focused off-site fabrication space, creating prefabricated, adaptable and flexible modular properties, made with quality natural materials and are highly energy efficient.

Each speaker will present their unique approach to off-site manufacture, why they have chosen this type of application and what they see as the major benefits and drawbacks, then invite Q&A from attendees.

We’ll close the session with a panel Q&A session, sure to include some lively debate!

For more information and to register, please visit our event page.

Photo credit Tony Gilbert
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