Holy Beebricks Batgirl!

Submitted by Dan on Wed, 10/11/2017 - 14:58

Cycling through the city was noticeably different last week after the excellent BioDiversity Bitesize talk given by ecologist Rachel Crookes and lead sustainability Joanna Peacock from Eight Associates.

Biodiversity can often be seen as one of the softer sides of construction but the presentation clearly explained the hard legal implications of failing to plan buildings or developments with nature in mind.

As we appreciate the colours of autumn this October, it was made very clear that failure to consider the seasonal demands of surveys and building need to be considered not just to keep local habitats intact but also to ensure that your work isn’t stalled. An excellent calendar to help manage works was shown and a dramatic example of a contractor losing work because they had destroyed some birds nest was given too.

Some standout points of the talk were: the practical exercise we were given; hearing that policy clearly varies from one local authority to another (good that Bristol’s core strategy has a very strong green infrastructure element to it); The Wild West End in London and hearing that bats regularly inhabit places with a “doorway” of 22 x 15mm – a 10p piece is 24mm dia’!

My journey home after the talk was very familiar and I appreciated that it hadn’t suddenly been changed as routes for bats, birds or butterflies can be by human construction.

We look forward to doing more with Eight Associates in the future.

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