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Habitat for Humanity GB side event at COP26 on 11th Nov

Submitted by Tess S on Wed, 10/20/2021 – 14:33

As part of COP26, The Green Register is excited to be contributing to an important event hosted in Glasgow by Habitat for Humanity GB on 11th November: Towards Net Zero Cities Through Green Retrofit/Renovation of Empty Spaces

This event will be discussing the urgent need to retrofit our empty properties to sustainable standards so that low income and homeless people can be offered affordable, comfortable and healthy places to live.
A pre-recorded video created by Lucy Pedler, co-director of The Green Register, will be shown to a live audience who will have the opportunity to debate some of the issues surrounding sustainable upgrading empty properties.

This video complements Habitat for Humanity’s Empty Homes Campaign and a jointly written paper by both organisations highlighting the need to scale up retrofit of older properties around the UK.

Lucy Pedler, co-director of The Green Register says “We’re delighted to be working alongside Habitat for Humanity GB to raise awareness of the urgent need to scale up retrofit of older properties around the UK and help push this item up the agenda as COP26 takes place.”

More about the event: Towards Net Zero Cities Through Green Retrofit/Renovation of Empty Spaces

Habitat for Humanity GB, in partnership with The Green Register and Glasgow’s own Agile City, will be digging deeper into the ‘real world’ issues of environmentally sound retrofit. HFH’s ‘learning by doing’ approach to projects means they can analyse current practice and implement further enhancements to how they deliver building projects that have positive environmental impact alongside the social benefits achieved for those in need of secure, decent, affordable homes.

This event is integral to furthering the aims and trajectory of the Empty Spaces to Homes Coalition which has been formed in partnership with M&G together with a host of public, private and voluntary sector organisations.  It will also enable HFH, as a Charity, to further their positive environmental and social impact.

The ‘Empty Spaces to Homes’ Campaign HFH have embarked upon has, and is continuing to, draw like-minded organisations from across all sectors, with a common aim of refurbishing empty and underused commercial property to achieve social value in the form of new affordable homes for local vulnerable individuals and groups. The event will showcase the pilot project in Barking (completed 2019), and the growing programme in East London together with other relevant examples of HFH projects from elsewhere in Europe – the REELIH project, for example, has focus around residential energy efficiency in low income households and seeks to tackle the issues of energy inefficiencies across many countries. The hope is to also connect with more like-minded organisations and garner support around the Coalition aspirations.

We’d love you to join the conversation and look forward to welcoming you digitally or in person at this timely and topical event – Just click here to register!

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