Green Register member Nick Lloyd at Waves of Change event 2nd of July

Submitted by Alice on Wed, 06/01/2016 - 12:08

Held at The Crystal in London, the Waves of Change event provides the opportunity to attend workshops, discussions and entertainment based around peace, sustainability and environmental issues.

Green Register member Nick Lloyd will be involved in the World Cafe workshop, which will look more specifically at eco technology, eco systems and eco solutions.

The workshop will consider the UK in comparison to Germany - who has been called “the world’s first major renewable energy economy”. In Germany April 2014, peak-generation from combined wind and solar reached a previous all-time high of 74%, and wind power saw its best day ever on December 12, 2014, generating 562 GWh. It will question how feasible/desirable it is for the UK to be committed to a similar goal and how this could be achieved.

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