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Futureproof Essentials Launched

Submitted by Tess S on Tue, 02/16/2021 – 14:03

We’re excited to launch our Futureproof Essentials course! This is different from our Futureproof Skills and Certification Programme, which you can read more about here

What is Futureproof Essentials?

This training package is an introductory suite of lessons to help you start to understand the Whole House Retrofit (WHR) approach. You’ll learn all about the key issues of sustainable retrofit, making buildings more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy. Futureproof courses balance theory and practice to ensure you can use your knowledge straight away. And if you work on both retrofit and newbuild projects, you will find that much of the content of the lessons applies to both types of construction.

The online course comprises 10 one-hour video training sessions led by trainers from The Green Register’s expert team on the key topics within WHR. The course is expected to take around 12+ hours to complete and can be accessed through our e-learning platform to suit your schedule.

Who will benefit from Essentials?

Contractors and tradespeople new to sustainable construction, architects and other design professionals such as building surveyors, housing and maintenance teams, building control, planning officers and energy advisors will all benefit from attending this course.

What will you learn from Futureproof Essentials?

The course has been formulated especially for contractors and other construction practitioners as an introduction to Whole House Retrofit (WHR).

Throughout the course, you’ll learn about all the key principles of of WHR:

  • why building sustainably matters for our future
  • standards and guidance available for assessing retrofit projects
  • specifying low impact building materials
  • minimising moisture movement in buildings
  • optimising the efficiency of building services
  • good practice solid wall insulation
  • efficient use of water
  • airtightness and ventilation strategies

All of the topics covered by Futureproof Essentials provide vital information for you and your team to apply directly to your own retrofit – and in many cases, newbuild – projects for more effective, higher performing buildings that are fit for the future.

For the full benefits, eligibility requirements, and fees, visit our Futureproof Essentials page

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