Fascinating, knowledge-expanding, horizon-broadening 1/2 day workshop with STBA

Submitted by Tess S on Thu, 10/10/2019 - 16:35

Fascinating, knowledge-expanding, horizon-broadening 1/2 day workshop with STBA: 23rd Oct, Caerphilly Castle (10 miles from Cardiff)

Want to know how to plan retrofit to maximise cost-effective energy-efficiency and carbon reduction for Future Generations? The Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance are doing just that!

Reducing carbon emissions from buildings is essential in the light of international commitments – but what are the most effective ways of achieving this at macro scale? Their event will discuss the pros and cons of achieving carbon savings through large-scale, deep-retrofit of buildings and compare this with the cost and environmental impact of grid decarbonisation.

This half-day workshop is kindly hosted by Cadw at Caerphilly Castle will be held on 23 October from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. The event will include speakers on the environmental impacts of carbon-reduction measures and we will also hear from experts on the supply side options. In contributory sessions, we will discuss the options and attempt to uncover where the balance lies between these two complementary approaches.

Snap up your place now whilst you still have a chance!