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CPD points & Online Training Costs

Submitted by Richard on Mon, 04/27/2020 – 13:06

Hi all

Just to update you on a few changes you may notice on our website and with event pricing.

CPD Points

You will notice each event now has a “TGR CPD points” stamp.  Most of these will be green stamps, which are points for all of our attendees and members, to show how many TGR (Green Register) CPD points this course is worth.  Your internal user record with us will also total how many CPD points you have accrued.

Some events may also have purple Futureproof CPD points stamp; this is relevant to our Futureproof FAB builders only.

Online training costs

In the past, our training fees were set on bite-size, half day, and full day courses.  These varied not only in relation to the length of event, but also to incorporate catering costs etc.  Our Bite-Size sessions were always low cost as these were often more informal taster and networking sessions, rather than in-depth training.

As our events are now online, event costs have generally become standardised, with the standard of training being the same high quality training regardless of the length of event.  Our online events offer the same high quality in depth training, and remain “live” and interactive sessions. (They are not pre-recorded webinars).

So we are pleased to announce a simplifcation of event costs. 

Online training is now a per hour cost, with members paying £12.50 per hour, and non-members paying £17.50 per hour. *

Once the current pandemic is over, we envisage some events will stay online where this is beneficial to all, with a return to some live events for those where being in person can not be replicated online.  Costs for events may be reviewed at any time.

We hope you are staying well and look forward to seeing you soon, either virtually or in person.

The TGR team.

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*  This will apply to all newly listed courses, and not to courses already listed. Fees may be rounded up or down slightly.