Claire Wallerstein announced as speaker at our 1st November event on plastics in the construction industry

Submitted by birgit on Mon, 09/17/2018 - 14:43

We’re delighted to confirm Claire Wallerstein as a speaker at our event on 1st November in Bristol, co-hosted with The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP).

Claire is founder of Rame Peninsula Beach Trust in Cornwall, which is one of 19 groups around the UK who have been asked to survey the same 100m stretch of beach four times a year between 2015 and 2018 to provide baseline data on marine litter. This initiative is being coordinated by the Marine Conservation Society for Defra. Claire will share with us which construction products are the most common finds.

RPBT also took part in the FIDRA study the Technicolour Nurdle Hunt which showed how common nurdles (plastic pellets) are on UK beaches, with 93% of hunts finding nurdles present and 43% finding over 100 nurdles. These nurdles are feedstock to make most plastic construction products including windows and pipes.

Working with academics, Claire estimates we are losing some 50 billion nurdles each year in the UK and on a 80m stretch of beach in Cornwall, RPBC have found in excess of 10m nurdles. These vary in colour, size and shape but at the moment it is not possible to trace them back. Some of them have ridges and are used to filter sewage at treatment plants.

Claire is featured on Inside Out on Monday 17th September SW at 19.30 and the programme will be on I player shortly afterwards

Her talk on 1/11 at 14.00 will cover the following;

  • Plastic construction materials polluting UK seas and beaches
  • The micro-sized building blocks of construction industry plastics - why do so many of them end up in seabirds and fish?
  • The hidden additives in construction industry plastics and their potential to cause long-term harm to human health and the environment

Please join us for a lively afternoon.

More information and booking online here.