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Bristol’s green open homes event is back on 16-17 May 2020!

Submitted by Richard on Tue, 02/11/2020 – 13:35

Bristol Green Doors: Are you free 16-17 May?

Bristol’s green open homes event is back on 16-17 May and we need your help to make this year even bigger, further-reaching, with even more impact. Only through a collective effort can we spread the word beyond the already converted, and reach more groups and communities.

Here’s how you can get involved:

1)      Open your home for Bristol Green Doors Weekend. If you’ve made changes to your home to save energy or reduce your environmental impact, we want to hear from you! See the attached flier for more information on what’s involved.
2)      Volunteer! Event stewards play a crucial role in helping visitors and giving out information.

3)      Spread the word! Forward this email to anyone that might be interested in opening, volunteering or attending.

4)      Follow and share our messages on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

However you get involved, you’ll be helping drive forward the retrofit revolution!

Watch last year’s video to see just what goes on over the weekend.

Why do we need green open homes events?

Decarbonising our society to Net-Zero – whether by 2030 or 2050 – is going to require radical and rapid action. The scale of the change needed can feel overwhelming.

But everyone – whether we own, rent or share – can take action in our homes to reduce our reliance on fossil fuelled energy.

Draught proofing, secondary glazing, water management, heat pumps – the impact of a few changes, small or large, can become hundreds, that lead to thousands, ultimately millions of homes drastically reducing our energy consumption.

It starts with a conversation. Between neighbours, friends or strangers – sharing the knowledge that helps each other take the next step and start saving money on energy bills, living in a healthier space and taking action toward reaching a zero-carbon future.

Let’s start as many of these conversations as we can over the weekend of 16-17 May 2020!

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