Brighton based TGR members ARCH-angels Architects awarded planning permission for an “Architectually Outstanding” Eco home in rural Hampshire

Submitted by birgit on Thu, 04/21/2016 - 11:43

A scheme 6 years in the making and conceived of by its architects as a blueprint for the ‘country house of the future', has been granted planning permission at appeal by the Planning Inspectorate. Judging the design for the cutting edge eco home as ‘Architecturally outstanding’, Inspector L Gibbons has granted permission in accordance with Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

The Architects conceived the building to be one that could be ‘reclaimed’ by the earth when its life is over, made from natural materials that can be found on the site or close by.

Nicola Thomas, Director of ARCH-angels Architects, said:  “Everyone involved with the scheme is thrilled with the result and delighted for the client. The planning permission is well deserved - it was won with all the work and passion the whole team invested over 6 years to ensure that the proposal was truly sustainable.”

The core ethos behind the scheme was to turn the traditional stately home on its head to become The Country home of the future that would be recognisable as outstanding in relation to contemporary architecture and the modern way of living. Being approved under the rarely obtained Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework, this 6 year in the making scheme is a fantastic win for all involved.

Ms L. Gibbons for the Planning Inspectorate said:  “The quality of the design, incorporation of sustainability concepts from the start, coupled with ecological benefits and a sensitivity to the characteristics of the area are sufficient to justify the scheme when considered against the criteria set out in fourth bullet of paragraph 55 of the Framework.”

Project Team:

  • Architects – ARCH-angels Architects
  • Planning Consultant – Stiles Harold Williams
  • Low Energy Consultant – Green Box Associates
  • Landscape Designer – Dan Lobb Design
  • Structural Engineer – QED Structures
  • Water Consultant – ech2o Ltd
  • Reed Bed specialist – WCI Sewage Treatment Ltd
  • Ecologist – Ecology Co-op