Brighton and Hove based Koru Architects has designed 'PassivPod' - a sustainable zero-carbon luxury holiday home.

Submitted by Alice on Wed, 04/27/2016 - 11:00


Green Register member Koru Architects has designed PassivPod, a sustainable holiday home that combines luxury features with zero-carbon ‘passivhaus’ principles. 

In the UK, 37% of greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings, largely from space-heating. Tourism is a large part of this, with 70 million people holidaying in the UK each year. Luckily, innovative design can reduce energy and water demands to a tiny fraction of the current average. The PassivPod provides an inspirational example for what sustainable tourism can look like.

Their concept has already been shortlisted for one award, and they have also entered it into the Virgin Business VOOM 2016 competition. Take a look at their pitch here: