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Ascent Architecture – Elgin Park Case Study

Submitted by Tess S on Wed, 10/14/2020 – 12:52

It’s a single story rear extension to a handsome early Victorian semi-detached villa in Elgin Park, Redland. The extension contains a garden sitting and a dining area and extends back into the existing kitchen which has been refurbished and re-planned, as well as its external openings enlarged to a single opening, in order for the space to flow into the extension.

The extension is very much influenced by principles learned from TGR seminars over the years. Whilst it is not built to Passivhaus principles, it does incorporate:

– High levels of insulation:

                Part L1B U Value Requirement (W/m2K)               Provided (W/m2K)

Walls                              0.28                                                              0.14

Floor                              0.22                                                              0.12

Curved roof                    0.18                                                              0.14

Pitched roof                   0.18                                                              0.13

Windows                        1.6                                                                 1.1

Roof lights                     1.6                                                                  1.0

Doors                            1.8                                                                   1.1

– A timber frame, externally clad in standing seam zinc, which were both specified for their sustainability credentials.

– A ProClima Intello Plus vapour check membrane was used as an insurance policy against condensation, taped throughout including to the windows and doors.

– Triple glazing specified throughout

For information on Ascent Architecture, visit their website:

Ascent Architecture 1
Ascent Architecture 2
Architecture 3
Ascent Architecture interior