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A change to the Green Register team

Julia Bennett, co-director at The Green Register, has decided to step down from her role from April 17th 2024. A low-carbon architect, Julia will be focusing upon sustainable design work within her architectural practice. 

Julia joined The Green Register in 2022, and became co-director alongside Charlotte Surrey at the start of 2023. Bringing her extensive knowledge and network in low-carbon construction, Julia has been instrumental in developing new areas of technical training events. These include several extremely popular one-off events such as ‘An Essential Guide to Assessing Carbon in Design: RICS Whole Life Carbon Standard 2023: 2nd Edition’ and ‘Overheating in buildings: mitigating a modern issue through design’. 

The Green Register team would like to thank Julia for all of her hard work and her dedication to providing high-quality sustainable construction training. We’re sure you’ll join us in wishing Julia well as she embarks upon her next journey!

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