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Who can join?

Anyone working in the construction industry including architects, engineers, surveyors, interior designers, tradespeople, builders, and organisations associated with construction (such as housing associations), local authorities, and educational establishments. We also offer a student discount to individual students.

Membership types and fees

Membership fees are paid annually and non-refundable. The annual membership fee is in addition to any course fees. The membership fee for an organisation covers membership for one office and the fee is calculated according to the number of staff at each office.

  • Individual/Sole trader: £60    
  • Organisation with 2–10 staff: £105   
  • Organisation with 11-49 staff: £140  
  • Organisation with 50–99 staff: £210    
  • Organisation with 100+ staff: £305
  • Local Authority/Housing Association/Educational Establishment - Membership benefits are extended to all staff members (including the TGR course discount): £210
  • Student discount: We are pleased to offer students a 50% discount on our Individual/Sole Trader rate. Please get in touch using your student email address and we will send you a discount code.

Important - Please note:

  • In order to be published in the Directory of Construction Professionals on our website and display our logo on your website or stationery, we require that at least one member of staff at your organisation has attended a minimum of 2 hours of qualifying training run by The Green Register.
  • Qualifying training includes any of our paid training lasting two hours or more in total. Futureproof Essentials online training course and tailored in-house CPD sessions also fall into this category. Twilight talks are not included.
  • If your organisation does not yet meet this criteria, we are still very happy to welcome you as a member of The Green Register so that you can enjoy the other benefits of membership straightaway. These include a members' discount on training and your subscription to Passive House + magazine.
  • By joining today you can take advantage of the members discounted fees when booking your qualifying training.
  • When we receive your payment we will check our records to see whether the training criteria has been met for your organisation and publish your organisation details accordingly.

Ready to join? Please complete the form below. You will be asked to pay online now by credit card and will be sent a receipt once payment is received.

If you are unable to pay online now, please contact us directly before completing your application.

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If your membership meets the eligibility criteria for publication (see above), the information you provide about your organisation will be shared in the Register on our website. Please ensure you only enter contact details that you are happy for us to share with the public for this purpose. By completing this form you are consenting to publication as set out in the terms and conditions of membership.

If you are applying for Individual/Sole Trader membership, please add your name followed by your profession here, e.g. Joe Bloggs, Architect. Please do not put 'self-employed', ‘Freelance’ 'N/A', or similar. Thank you.
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We use these contact details to send you our newsletters, information about your membership benefits. We do not share this data on the online register unless you have provided the same details for your organisation. For further information please refer to our privacy notice.

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