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In-house CPD is a very effective way of training staff without having to travel beyond the office.

Whether your company works on small-scale domestic projects, mid-size jobs or large-scale work, The Green Register can create CPD presentations that are customised to the specific needs of your business. For now, our CPD subjects will be offered online. The advantage of this is that both your office-based staff and those who work from home can attend your CPD session at the same time. Our CPD sessions are usually one hour in duration, although can be longer by arrangement. Our CPD sessions can be delivered at a time that suits your schedule: first thing, lunchtime or afternoon/early evening. Our trainers will not give a sales pitch (or a free lunch!) and you will receive high-quality, affordable, unbiased training from independent experts who have worked with us in the field of sustainable construction for many years, bringing their considerable experience to our CPD sessions.

Step One: Choose a Green Register topic

  1. Introduction to Sustainable Building
  2. Low Carbon Technologies
  3. Life Cycle Analysis of building materials and designing out waste
  4. Lightweight versus heavyweight external envelope
  5. Healthy Interiors, Healthy Planet
  6. Sustainable Timber specification
  7. BREEAM Assessments
  8. BREEAM Outstanding Domestic Refurbishment Case Study
  9. SuDS in the City: Sustainable Drainage Systems
  10. WELL and WELL PTA (performance testing)
  11. Daylighting
  12. Sustainable Design / Sustainable Planning
  13. Low Energy and Zero Carbon design
  14. SAP, SBEM, Thermal Bridging, Air Tightness
  15. Passivhaus
  16. Green Roofs
  17. Biodiversity Net Gain
  18. Bats, Birds and Trees – what you need to know during survey season
  19. Carbon footprinting
  20. Zero Carbon Roadmaps

If there is a subject you’d like a CPD session on that’s not on our list, do get in touch as we can often identify a speaker who can cover extra topics.

Step Two: Contact us to confirm the content of the CPD and discuss your preferred dates

We will discuss with you any specific aspects of the chosen subject you’d like us to concentrate on. For example, if you choose a session on BREEAM, we’d like to know what building types you work on to make sure that the session is as useful as possible to you. We’ll also check your preferred dates with our speakers.

Step Three: Confirm content, date and time of day with us

We’ll email you with a confirmed date, time of day and content for the CPD of your choice and send you an invoice. Please email us with your choice of topics and preferred dates and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:


All our CPD sessions are one hour long (unless otherwise agreed) and prices are per session, not per delegate.

Cost for TGR members: £250  // Cost for non-members: £300

We also offer two types of discounted CPD and pre-recorded packages:

CPD 1:

Introduction to Sustainable Building (ISB) and three other topics of your choice.

CPD-1 offers ISB at a discounted rate. This package is for those who would like an introduction to sustainable construction so that all attendees understand the key principles before delving into specific topics.

Cost for TGR members: £875 // Cost for non-members: £1,050

CPD 2:

If you and your colleagues already understand the principles of sustainable construction and you’d like to go straight into specific subject, CPD2 offers four topics of your choice.

Cost for TGR members: £925 // Cost for non-members: £1,125

CPD 3: Futureproof Essentials

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive range of topics, maybe our Essentials course is for you. Essentials comprises ten, one-hour long sessions from our core trainers on all the key aspects of sustainable retrofit and construction together with some straightforward assessment tasks at the end of each of the ten sessions

See: Futureproof Essentials Training

TGR training offers your company these benefits:

  • Expertise from trainers with extensive experience in the field
  • Practical knowledge and understanding of the latest sustainable construction concepts and techniques
  • Ensuring your business is ahead of the game and standing out from your competitors
  • Eligibility for membership of The Green Register and inclusion on our online register of construction professionals
  • CPD certification available