The Green Register Core Training Team

Lucy Pedler

Photo of Lucy PedlerLucy Pedler is an architect with 34 years of professional experience in the UK and USA and has particular expertise in sustainable building practices.

Lucy worked as a Product Specialist at Construction Resources, the UK’s first Ecological Building Centre, for five years. She spent the first two years researching the environmental impact of ecologically sound building materials and systems and the subsequent three years advising architects, other professionals and visitors on the appropriate selection of building materials. She was also responsible for running the seminar programme at Construction Resources and still makes regular presentations to architects and other organisations as part of The Green Register team.

In 1999, Lucy started her own sustainable architecture practice, archipeleco, designing buildings that have a low impact on the environment. In 2005, Paul McWilliams joined archipeleco to then create develeco limited, a company exclusively self-funded to offer refurbishments of existing buildings - usually in very poor condition - and transform the properties into sustainable, beautiful buildings fit for 21st century living.

Lucy created The Green Register in 2000 as part of her lifelong commitment to the promotion of sustainable building.

Lucy is an Earth Champion, on the panel of the Bristol Urban Design Forum and a keen cyclist.

Robert Borruso

Photo of RobertRobert Borruso has studied to degree level both mechanical engineering and environmental science and has 10 years experience in both fields. This combination gives him an exceptional understanding of the issues associated with moving sustainable energy systems from the fringes to the mainstream of the construction industry, with a focus very much on delivering pragmatic and workable solutions.

Robert is currently working as an independent energy consultant with a client base ranging from small community groups to housing associations. He also has extensive experience in troubleshooting existing underperforming, renewable energy installations. He also occasionally writes on environmental issues in his own, often controversial, style.

Robert’s previous professional experience includes four years as a Product Specialist at Construction Resources Environmental Building Centre and as a Renewable Energy advisor at Sustainable Energy Action, both in London. He now lives in Scotland and is involved in a much more hands on approach with renewables.



Niall Crosson

Niall Crosson is Senior Technical Engineer with Ecological Building Systems. He holds a degree as a Bachelor of Technology (1st class Hons.) and a Masters Eng. Sc. He is also a Certified Passivhaus Consultant. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Irish Green Building Council and provides guidance on a number of national standard committees.

EBS have pioneered the introduction of natural insulation materials and airtightness to the construction industry in Ireland and the UK for over a decade. His expertise is in the area of building physics, energy conservation, hygrothermal analysis, airtightness, natural insulation, and vapour diffusion open constructions.

Over the last decade Niall has received advanced training from GUTEX woodfibre insulation manufacturers ( and pro clima ( based in Germany as well as a number of other companies. He has provided guidance to many award winning low energy projects in Ireland and the UK. He has also co-authored and authored chapters for a number of low energy building publications including The Passivhaus Handbook and The Passivhaus Designers Manual. Niall also provides regular technical contributions to a number of construction publications including The Journal of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland.

Tom Dollard

Photo of TomTom has over 15 years’ experience in the construction industry in a range of roles; apprentice bricklayer, site manager, project architect and currently head of sustainable design at PTE.

He is also a Director of the Good Homes Alliance. As an architect for the last 10 years in London, he has designed and delivered low carbon housing. He is a certified Passivhaus designer, BREEAM and domestic energy assessor. From 2013-2016, he was a site inspector for 21 sites for the Zero Carbon Hub performance gap research project for industry and government.

Tom is the author of the ‘Builders’ Book’, ‘Services Guide’ and ‘Designers Handbook’, a series of industry guides to design and deliver low carbon homes. Currently he is leading the design review process for the UK Government’s Building for 2050 project, where he is reviewing the design and technical performance of housing projects around the UK.

Tom has extensive experience in the construction and practical application of design for homes. In his work at PTE, he has been project architect for several award-winning large scale mixed use housing schemes in London and Cambridge.

Cath Hassell

Photo of Cath Hassell Cath Hassell is an expert in sustainable water strategies and low and zero carbon technologies formed from a background of 17 years experience in the conventional plumbing industry and 14 years in environmental building. From 1998 – 2004 she worked at Construction Resources, designing and implementing rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling and solar technologies for domestic, commercial and industrial sites. She was a founder member of the UKRHA, was a director of the AECB (the Sustainable Building Association) for 7 years and has been a core presenter for the Green Register since its inception in 2000.

She set up ech2o consultants ltd ( in 2004. The company works with local authorities, water companies, developers, housing associations, schools, architects and engineers, at both a strategic and individual site level, to successfully incorporate sustainable water and low carbon solutions into the built environment.




Nicholas Heath

Nicholas Heath MA MSc is Founding Director of NDM Heath Ltd, an independent sustainable energy consultancy based in Yorkshire. He has a wealth of experience in the challenges of achieving meaningful building upgrades that address environmental, economic and social agendas. In particular, he has a special expertise in the challenges and solutions for traditional and historic building stock, as well as large-scale social housing regeneration.

Formerly with sustainable development organisation Changeworks – where he remains an Associate Consultant – Nicholas is the author of numerous traditional building retrofit guides, technical papers, research reports and planning guidance, and has extensive experience of technical training development and delivery.

Nicholas has led high-profile research into solid wall insulation on traditional buildings, and has worked with several local authorities and social housing providers to develop city-wide strategies for the responsible retrofit of traditional buildings. He has worked nationally and internationally with a wide range of public and private clients including the Scottish Government, Historic England, Historic Scotland, UNESCO, EST, CITB, RIBA, RICS, STBA and SPAB, as well as numerous architect firms, local authorities and housing associations, universities and community groups.

Nicholas is also Technical Director of the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA), an Affiliate and Technical Panel Member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC), and a part-time lecturer at the University of York. In addition, he is a licenced SAP and BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment Assessor, providing both new-build and existing building energy audits and upgrade strategies to the private sector.

Joseph Little, BArch, MSc Arch. AEES

Joseph Little is the principal of Joseph Little Architects and Building Life Consultancy. He graduated from the UCD School of Architecture in 1996 and from the Graduate School of the Environment at the Centre for Alternative Technology in 2008.

Joseph set-up his own practice in 2003 when he realised that his passion for low energy, environmental building design could only be realised outside of mainstream architectural practices and launched Building Life Consultancy in February 2009.

Joseph’s consultancy has recently held WUFI® hygrothermal training in Glasgow, Leeds and Dublin with Fraunhofer IBP and thermal bridge training in Dublin. Historic Scotland released ‘Technical Paper 15’ in Summer 2012 which is a significant report by Little, and colleague Calina Ferraro, on hygrothermal simulation and internal insulation retrofits in Scotland.




Brian Murphy

Is a technician and architect by training, specification writer by choice and environmentalist by action. Brian Murphy’s last 40 years in the industry have been challenging and gratifying; greening up his act since 1999 these have been the most enjoyable. In 32 years of consultancy he specified large and small projects with a cumulative value of over £2415m. He founded National Green Specification (NGS) in 2001 to try to right the wrongs of many fellow architects and to challenge the establishment that maintains status quo.

Brian’s highlights are working with students and practicing architects to enable them to achieve the ideas in their heads; bringing extensive materials, construction know-how and an environmental focus to the design process and driving enthusiasm for competency in exhilarating solutions.

Brian reverts to Specification writing to the last dot and crossed tee in robust specifications that are not rushed over the weekend; he also gets pleasure from power over numbers in Excel spreadsheet Calculators including: WasteCost® lite Calculator & Whole Building Embodied/Sequestered Energy/Carbon.

Brian has an appetite for recording what he has learned so he does not have to remember it (there is only so much he can keep in all at the same time), so is passing on this knowledge of environmentally sound design and construction through the website and has developed specifications for: products & materials; waste minimisation/management of materials/packaging; reclaim for reuse/recycling, and over 1000 PowerPoint files on Environmentally Sustainable Construction, Specification and Professional Practice CPD seminars & Lectures, which are being added to and can be downloaded from

Brian has presented TGR SBS day two workshops about Designing out Waste, Greening Your Office and NGS and also sits on The Green Register’s Steering Group.