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Twilight Talk: The Huge Range of Benefits of Using Wood Fibre Insulation – Why Aren’t We Specifying it More? – Online

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Twilight Talks

The Green Register's early evening talks supported by Ecomerchant: together promoting ethical, healthy sustainable building materials

The Green Register has proudly launched a new series of events. On the second Monday of each month, we’ll be running Twilight Talks - a relaxed and informal string of events on sustainable building matters to complement our regular training topics.

Each one-hour event will be FREE of charge and feature short talks from one or more speakers. With Q&A and discussion sessions throughout, everyone is invited to be part of the conversation. We’ll be holding Twilight talks at 5-6pm, in the sweet spot between work and dinner – so join us to nourish the mind before replenishing the body!

The Huge Range of Benefits of Using Wood Fibre Insulation - Why Aren't We Specifying it More?

Despite the numerous benefits of wood fibre insulation - low embodied energy, very good acoustic and thermal properties and excellent management of moisture movement - it still accounts for less than 1% of the UK insulation market.

As we struggle to meet our carbon targets to address the climate crisis, this modest product can significantly contribute to carbon emission reduction whilst improving internal comfort levels of buildings.

Our speaker - founder and director of Back to Earth Chris Brookman - says: “It’s amazing to think that even though here in the UK we’re up against it in terms of our carbon targets, the adoption of wood fibre and other natural fibre insulations are still in their infancy. This is why we decided to develop Fibres and provide free access to expert guidance on how to adopt the use of wood fibre insulation."

Chris’ talk will cover: - The eight important roles of insulation. - How using different materials can create passively regulating buildings. - The use of clay boards within lightweight construction. - Fibres - The free online training platform for wood fibre insulation design and installation.

In addition, Chris will introduce Back to Earth's brand new learning platform for wood fibre insulation at


  • 5 - 5.45pm: Presentations
  • 5.45 - 6.00pm: Q&A, Discussion, Networking

About the Speaker

Chris Brookman, Founder and Director, Back to Earth

After graduating from Chemistry at Exeter University, Chris set up ‘Back to Earth’ as an earth construction company in 1995 and ran this successfully for 14 years until 2010 when it was bought by one of the employees.

In 2006, after some re-branding, 'Back to Earth’ morphed into a materials supply business where Chris’s chemistry skills enabled him to select a wide range of novel materials from all over Europe. Combined with the practice experience of having been building for 14 years, Chris selected materials not only for their sustainable credentials but also their functionality and practicality. Simplicity, practicality and functionality were always the main drivers for selecting the materials.



Twilight Talks are supported by Ecomerchant.

May 9th, 2022 17:00 through 18:00
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